Sunday, May 28, 2006


Oh my friend!Where are you?

Eyes are dry,I can not weep,
It can not come out sorrow is deep.
To express my pain words are few.
Search is over,in and out,
I will hear,if you can shout.
My heart is torn only you can sew.
In this world nothing impresses me,
The lock is useless,without the key.
I can’t get freshness with the morning dew.
Have you gone to the mother earth?
Or you have secured the paradise birth?After you,this world is new.
A true friend can never depart,
God listens the prayer from the heart.
I am waiting in a long queue.

(* dedicated to my late father)

Friday, May 26, 2006

In the name of social justice “castes” are again doing the rounds. I did not know about the castes of many of my friends and neighbours.I got to know about some of the people of backward classes. I failed to understand that by what measures theses people are backwards?
Yes there are enough poor people who need better education and other facilities, but castes have nothing to do with it.
I heard views of many people on TV channels [Both pro and anti reservation]
There were some people from backward castes who served for high profile jobs but none of them seems to be happy. They were talking about discrimination but if such thing was there how they came this far???
It has been 50 years and we have yet to listen from people that they are happy with reservations. None of them come up and say “we are uplifted and now feeling leveled with the upper caste people”
Then why do these reservations exist??
I have heard some voices of young students who belong to the backward castes and are against reservations..all the applauds for them!!”

"Respect should be earned and not should be demanded”
Once I won a scholarship in school on merit basis. My father did not allow me to apply for it..not that my father was a king of some state or something like that (in fact he was from a middle class Brahmin family and had to earn himself to complete his higher education.) but he said there are poor students who really need this money..Although I was sad at that time but it was a great lesson for me for my future life..
I mean to say that if the so called “creamy layer” decides to compete with general class and let the benefit go to the poor people,, society will respect them..
We the people of India (from both upper and lower castes) need to work together for social justice..
Do these politicians represent us (the aam junta)?? Technically yes but otherwise they don’t..
Take a look at their honesty and integrity—One report on a TV channel shows that these people declared before Election commission that they don’t own a single car…
The list includes---
Rahul Gandhi
Sachin Pilot
Naveen Jindal-------

Friday, May 19, 2006


**Trying to get strength from within….talking to myself……..

“If I can’t help myself, nobody else can!!”

“God must be very busy in solving so many people’s so many problems, so I try to solve my problems myself!!”

“I can’t go beyond my destiny but I try to improve myself and my surroundings so I can live happily with my destiny!!”

“I should be brave enough that I should not wait for the favor of fortune!!”

“I can’t live my life with a time table because then I won’t find any spare time to be creative!!”

“If I try there is a chance of success, but if I don’t there is the surety of failure!!”

“I continue to fail, that is the only way I know to learn!!”

“More than time, I need the desire to do things. If I desire, there is always enough time to do them!!”

“To do things very smartly, I often end up doing nothing!!!”

“After graduating from Indian education system, I learnt that actually there was not much to learn so I took the admission in the “Institute of Life” where circumstances are the teachers!!”

“I am scared of success because it takes too much of human body and soul!!”

“The people, whom I hate to love, are the people whom I love to hate!!!”

“In the name of “being good” I should not loose the opportunity to be honest!!”

“Human being is the best creation of God and probably the worst too!!!”

“Joy of success is good but joy of its process is even better!!!”

“Real life is tough so God has given us the facility to dream!!”

“Mode of death is decided by god, but I can always choose the mode of life!!”

“Life is game which ends in a draw, no one is pure looser and no one is pure winner!!”

“Death is the memento I will receive after conquering my life!!”

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Only truth of life………
This is my third post on death in a row,, I am sorry but that’s the kind of mindset I am in.. I tried to think different things but I can’t so I decided to write and let the things come out of my mind for once.
Only truth of life is death,, isn’t it ??
With the 13 days rituals after death of my cousin every one else will be back to their lives but life will be tough for a retired father who has lost his only son. He has to deal with ---
-the expressive face of his son, who will be smiling at him from nicely framed photo, hanging in the drawing room with a garland…
-the queries of his little grand-daughter
-the lifeless mother (his own wife)..
-the young daughter-in-law who is expecting her second child and living life with a vacuum….
This all reminded me the trauma of my family between Dec 96 to May 98 (17 months).there were three deaths. My brother-in-law(jijaji), my grandma and my father.
They died of three very different deaths.
In Dec 96 my brother-in-law died. He had met with an accident in 93 and was in coma for three and half years. My didi struggled in that phase with her two little kids, going from one hospital to another and having life in bits… in Indore ,Mumbai,Nagpur and…….Doctors advised her to forget about the brain dead husband and go on with her life, but it was not easy at all as he was helpless but his eyes were full of life and lungs were still breathing.

After 15 days my grandma died. Her’s was a natural death, as no one lives forever. She had lived her life to the fullest. At the age of 92, she was in full conscious till her last breath. Every son, daughter-in-law, daughter and many grand children were there with her. In the cold of Dec she wanted to take her last breath on the floor, Geeta shlokas were being read and she nodded in yes when asked if she could hear the chants. She took her last breath with ‘OM’.
Then one and half years later my father died. He had a heart failure and died of a peaceful and silent death with no screams at all (my mother who was just a few feet away couldn’t listen anything) while offering his daily puja…loosing him was too much for us..
Life is a mystery. We plan our life and work hard but it all makes of 95% of success, the other 5% is our fate which is the deciding factor. It can spoil other 95% if not in our favour.
Time moves on shamelessly and we have to move too, to cope up with it!!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Why God becomes so cruel at times?
I was about to type a poem on mother as tomorrow is mother’s day..
My phone buzzed. my husband was there on the other side. he informed me that he had to postpone his arrival at my cousin brother met with an accident in Goa while on the official tour..he is no more…just last Sunday we all were there for the wedding of my another cousin...we had good time there..and ohhhhhhh death is so uncertain…just 30 year old having 2 year old lit girl and v young beautiful wife…he was the only son of my maternal uncle..
He died miles away from his home..the family has to wait long 24 hours to receive his dead body…
Don’t know what else there to say..feeling completely numb.
Death certifies that once there was a life”

Life is good, life is bad,
Sometimes pleasant, sometimes sad.
Sometimes smooth,sometimes rough,
Sometimes easy,sometimes tough.
Life is a dream and a reality,
Life is full of all cruelty……

Friday, May 05, 2006


We have elite class of students from reputed institutions (who get all the attention) and we have general class of students from other pvt or govt colleges (who end up with nowhere to go).general class of youth has no use of their degrees,they have to just look smart,can speak English so they can serve well to the elite class in shoping malls,multiplexes and coffee cafes!! Or can be good market representative of two wheeler / mobile / insurance company!!

We have “mitti se jude log” and “kisan ke bete” as politicians with five star life style and we have poor village farmers who are ending their lives for few thousand rupees!!

I think “some part of India is shining extraordinarily bright because the remaining part is quite dark!!!”

Two main pillars of our society(farmers and students) are in frustration,, committing suicides..I want to share this(poem ??) views / thoughts / expression or just lines..

Deaths of students

Students are committing suicides; it’s a national shame,
They should be brave,not should be tame.
They all are smart,intelligent and bright,
Why they are giving-up before any fight?

What is the pain ,they are trying to hide?
What is causing them to commit suicide?
Why they choose to be on their own?

Among so much crowd,why they feel alone?
These are the questions,needed to be answered,
Whatever are the problems,needed to be conquered
They should be taught,rules of life game!
They can still be winners,without money and fame!!
They should be made at ease!! So they can share,
They are India’s future,should be handled with care!!
To save their lives,we all should try,
We just can’t afford to let them die!!!