Friday, May 19, 2006


**Trying to get strength from within….talking to myself……..

“If I can’t help myself, nobody else can!!”

“God must be very busy in solving so many people’s so many problems, so I try to solve my problems myself!!”

“I can’t go beyond my destiny but I try to improve myself and my surroundings so I can live happily with my destiny!!”

“I should be brave enough that I should not wait for the favor of fortune!!”

“I can’t live my life with a time table because then I won’t find any spare time to be creative!!”

“If I try there is a chance of success, but if I don’t there is the surety of failure!!”

“I continue to fail, that is the only way I know to learn!!”

“More than time, I need the desire to do things. If I desire, there is always enough time to do them!!”

“To do things very smartly, I often end up doing nothing!!!”

“After graduating from Indian education system, I learnt that actually there was not much to learn so I took the admission in the “Institute of Life” where circumstances are the teachers!!”

“I am scared of success because it takes too much of human body and soul!!”

“The people, whom I hate to love, are the people whom I love to hate!!!”

“In the name of “being good” I should not loose the opportunity to be honest!!”

“Human being is the best creation of God and probably the worst too!!!”

“Joy of success is good but joy of its process is even better!!!”

“Real life is tough so God has given us the facility to dream!!”

“Mode of death is decided by god, but I can always choose the mode of life!!”

“Life is game which ends in a draw, no one is pure looser and no one is pure winner!!”

“Death is the memento I will receive after conquering my life!!”


  • hi rachana, every lineof this post carries somekind of message,ill try to learn from this post.

    By Anonymous nabeel, at 19 May, 2006  

  • all these days,Irefrained from commenting on ur blog though I read each one coz.......
    Well...I find it very odd to "comment" on your blog since when it comes to blogging, I am undoubtedly ur student.
    So the only thing i can do rather i prefer to do is "compliment" on your blog:
    u write simply grrrr88888!!!!

    By Blogger ketki, at 19 May, 2006  

  • Thnx for visiting my blog.
    Don't tell me you've written these yourself?!!!
    Pretty good!!!

    By Blogger Pranay, at 20 May, 2006  

  • Everybody please read my latest post...'This (sad)side of the story.'

    By Blogger Pranay, at 21 May, 2006  

  • @nabeel,,thanks..
    @ketki,,so finally u comenetd,,thanks and best wishes to u..
    @pranay,,I need to tell u that i have written those lines!!!!
    and i did read ur side of story..

    By Blogger rachana, at 21 May, 2006  

  • Very Good one... I think these quotes should be pasted in a place for us to view every day and of course, practice it on a day today basis.

    By Blogger panini03, at 21 May, 2006  

  • Though I like most of your lines my favorite is "Life is a draw.. no one emerges a winner and no one a loser"...

    By Blogger abhay k, at 22 May, 2006  

  • nice lines...:)

    and thanx for the pretty comment.

    By Blogger vikash, at 26 May, 2006  

  • Hi panini,,thanks
    abhay and vikas,,thanks to you too..

    By Blogger rachana, at 26 May, 2006  

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