Sunday, May 07, 2006


Why God becomes so cruel at times?
I was about to type a poem on mother as tomorrow is mother’s day..
My phone buzzed. my husband was there on the other side. he informed me that he had to postpone his arrival at my cousin brother met with an accident in Goa while on the official tour..he is no more…just last Sunday we all were there for the wedding of my another cousin...we had good time there..and ohhhhhhh death is so uncertain…just 30 year old having 2 year old lit girl and v young beautiful wife…he was the only son of my maternal uncle..
He died miles away from his home..the family has to wait long 24 hours to receive his dead body…
Don’t know what else there to say..feeling completely numb.
Death certifies that once there was a life”

Life is good, life is bad,
Sometimes pleasant, sometimes sad.
Sometimes smooth,sometimes rough,
Sometimes easy,sometimes tough.
Life is a dream and a reality,
Life is full of all cruelty……


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