Thursday, May 03, 2007

Live and ticking!!!

Hello friends,

All of you have been kind enough to drop here every now and then…and asking for me :) thank you !!
Well, I was here only…..
…Not that I forgot to write in English , it is just that I am enjoying more in Hindi…( mujhe bhee kuchch kahana hai) ….
** If you can read Hindi, please do visit there..I promise I won’t disappoint you. :)

…Not that I have nothing to share with you.. it is just that expressions are not coming out in a neat blog post….

….My little friend ( I fondly call her so!) Ketki is completing one year of her blog tomorrow. Though she didn’t write much as she was in her “tough 12th" standard….I hope to read more from her in the coming year….I love her way of expression”. She has written a nice post on happiness a few days back….

I am very happy for Abhay kumar... his book “ River Valley to Silicon Valley” ( story of three generations of an Indian family ) has released on 2nd may ….. I had read this book and I liked it very much ..My coment on his book is- --“ A true Indian story told in a very honest, humble and innocent way without any drama.”

I am wishing all the best to both of my friends…..


  • ohh..........
    that was so nice of you!
    thanx a million!
    as the 'tough 12th' is over ( yes it was really tough for my tiny little brain!)
    you will get to see more of my expressions!
    thanx again! you made me feel so special!

    By Blogger ketki, at 05 May, 2007  

  • thanks 4 comming by and enloghtening by the fact that you have a hindi blog too....had a glimpse of it not much time thou to read ...have exams heading up...going to banglore for trainning...catch u here it self

    By Blogger vatsal, at 07 May, 2007  

  • I read Rachna's Hindi blog and can certify that you will not be disappointed there. She writes very well.

    By Blogger उन्मुक्त, at 07 May, 2007  

  • Hey good to read you even though it was a long wait :)...Congrats n good luck to your friends :)

    By Blogger Dawn....सेहर, at 10 May, 2007  

  • hello:))
    well was just passing by ABHAY'S blog..n got to see ur comment's there..well he is my cousin type n my younger brother's junior friend:)so really found it interesting ...truely world is a small place...well Aditi my bro must b very amazed by this fact...:)bye tc

    By Blogger Divine India, at 13 May, 2007  

  • @ ketki, you are special!!
    God bless you!

    @ vatsal, all the best to you! keep visiting here :)

    @ Unmukt jee, thanks a lot for the certificate! :)

    @ Dawn, thank you very much...

    @ Divyaabh, yes! world is a small place! nice to see you here..

    By Blogger rachana, at 15 May, 2007  

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