Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Visual Treat!! :)

Hello friends!
It has been 15 long months for this blog to get a new post...
I thought that eventually this blog will die, but I was wrong....few days back it gasped again with Ekta's comment!
So this treat is for Ekta and You all dear friends!

Enjoy the brush work by a young girl--- :)

And her crayon work----

a black Peacock by her- :)

Now have a look at two rangloies by young girl with the help of her mother :)

with love



  • Hi !!

    I am a regular viewer of your blog, i really love it. Convey my regards to my boss Mr. Bajaj.


    By Blogger ebiizz, at 11 September, 2008  

  • अच्छा है। लेकिन किसी ने अभी तक देखा नहीं! ऐसा कैसे!

    By Blogger अनूप शुक्ल, at 13 September, 2008  

  • Hello Rachana....Good to see you after a long time, here in this blog. Lovely paintings, crayon work and rangoli. The mother of the young girl should be really proud and be encouraging her to do more & more!!! Please dont leave such huge gaps between postings here. Missed you. Waiting to see more of your good work!
    - Panini

    By Blogger Sudhir, at 13 September, 2008  

  • Wow!
    those pics r beautiful!

    By Blogger ketki, at 15 September, 2008  

  • awww...thats so sweet!
    and these are lovely!!!
    u made them?

    By Blogger Ekta, at 23 September, 2008  

  • @ Hameed,
    Thanks a lot Hameed!...messege conveyed to Mr. Bajaj.:)

    @ Anup jee,
    Bahuto nedekha! jyaada tar noncommneter freinds hai.:)

    @ Sudhir,
    Thanks a lot for your kind words!

    @ Ketki,

    @ Ekta, Thanks a lot!
    as mentioned in the post...those are made by my daughter..i have helped her in 'rangoli'...

    By Blogger rachana, at 23 September, 2008  

  • really nice paintings n rangoli.. Happy Diwali.

    By Blogger archana, at 23 October, 2008  

  • These are great art pieces. Amazing talent.

    By Blogger Indrani, at 27 July, 2009  

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