Monday, June 26, 2006

“Oh! Again!!” I mumbled after reading the front page story about suicide of five farmers..
“Why do you feel so bad after reading about suicide of farmers??” my daughter asked.
“Because my father was a farmer too, I know how much they love their fields and cows and bullocks” I replied.
She brought a paper cutting from my file and showed it to me with a smile. Some lines in the article read as-
It is easy to bring a boy out of a village but very difficult to bring the village out of the boy.’
“Very true”, I said.
Memories of our fields came to my mind..
I was not born and brought up in a village, neither my father was a full time farmer. In fact he was a renowned lawyer and was famous for his excellent drafting of a case and argument. Many times he was advised by his colleagues and seniors to practice in the High Court but he stayed back at his native place for his passion of farming. Every day after returning from the court he used to go to our farm (10 miles away from home) and spent two three hours there. He used to bring a bag full of fresh vegetables. On weekends we kids used to accompany him, he was very keen to show us that how hard a farmer works to give us grains.
In different seasons at the time of sugarcane or groundnuts or corn or green grams picnics were arranged for the whole family. The most fascinating part for us kids was the adventure to cross a small river and then walk a mile to reach our field. It was fun to play with village kids with calves all around..
I miss that all…
When time permits I still go there but there is hardly any water in the river and there are no smiling faces of the villagers.
Does a nation’s development costs this much?? Poor farmers of villages have no where to go at all??
** We never get tired of saying that we are a nation of villages. We are proud of our villages,that’s why when a highly honored foreign guest visits India, we exhibit a “completely designed” village for him.**

Friday, June 23, 2006


MP govt decided to change the Nursery rhymes because they feel they are western..
Sidin has written about it and gave some new poems..
I want to share this poem with you which I put there as a comment..
"chubby chicks------" goes like this--
"Casual dress and blue turban,
Lost words so keeps mum.
An economist and humble man,
By default he is in political lane.
"-----'s" pet,
who is that??

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bus to Pakistan
*(Today a new bus is started from Punchch to siyalkot)

“Buses are crossing bridges and fence,
people are happy but terrorists are tense.
In Kashmir peace is in air,
the game is political,, still it is fair.”

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Sometimes it is wise to be calm and quiet,
Its useless to argue,because the boss is always right.
Sometimes it is wise to be deaf and dumb,
Silence is the gugaly which gets the boss plumbed.
It may be very usefull whatever you propose ,
But being a boss , he has a right to appose.
You know all the facts and you may be correct,
Boss knows less ,but he has to react.
Boss never likes the ifs and the buts,
To please him anyway, you ought to have guts.

If co-ordination is good working is a fun,
If clashes are there,no work can be done .
Results are important for you and your boss,
It always affects the basic and the gross….

Sunday, June 04, 2006


“Tark aur vitark ki bhasha samzane ke liye aap jaroor apana dimag lagaiye,

magar sanvednaye samzane ke liye to ek achcha sa dil hi chahiye.”

“Bhasha nahi janane ka to aadami bas bahana banata hai,
bhasha janate hue bhi aadami ,aadami ko kam hi samaz pata hai.”

“Hamare shabd to abhivyakti ki ek koshish bhar hote hai,
num ankhe aur haatho ke sparsh hi asal me bolate hai.”

“Shabdkosh se shabd khoj kar, shabd piroye vaakya banaya,
koshish saari vyarth hi gayi,jo kahana tha kah naa paya.
Jab gyaani se puchcha maine,usane muzako ye samzaya,
Shabd to hote hai bas mithya, kaun,kise, kab samaz hai paaya?”

“Klisht aur alankrit bhasha ke shabdo se ahankaar ki bu si aati hai,
bhavo ki sahajta aur saralta kanhi pichche rah jati hai.”

“Koi bhi ho bhasha , bhav par saral ho,
shabd ho madhur ki jaise ho amrut,
naa ho katu ki jaise garal ho,
koi bhi ho bahsha bhav par saral ho.”