Thursday, April 20, 2006


GARGOTI is the mineral museum located in Sinnar near Nasik.Gargoti is a Marathi word which means flint stone. There they have marvelous zeolites.
Few years back when I came to Nasik and heard about it,I was not much interested to visit there, I thought this must be the place for researchers or geologists to visit.
Once we were on that way so decided to check it out. Again I thought to sit outside and let my husband go in, because Rs 100 ticket was too much for me to see some kind of stones!!
Finally though reluctantly I got in and was completely awestruck as entered there. I could not believe that those kind of amazing stones can be there under the so boring rocks!! Blue, green, pink and various shades of zeolites are just awesome! There arrangement (patterns) in the rock is unbelieveable!!
Since then I have visited the museum many times.It made us think that how beautiful rocks are from within!
Nasik is a holy city(in every 12 years “kumbh mela” occurs here).People do visit here as its near to shirdi .One should visit “gargoti”too.I believe nothing can be holier than the mother earth herself!!

There web site is,

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Har chchoti badi baat par charchao ka daur hai,
Vivad ka hal kuchch nahi,charchaye sirmaur hai..
Charcha karne wale khud ko visheshagya maanate hai,
Aam aadami ko ve in baato se unbhigya maanate hai..
Aam aadami ko nirnayo me shaamil karana aaj sabse badi jaroorat hai,
Kyunki usaka gyan ,visheshagyo ki tarah kitaabi nahi, jindagi ki hakeekat hai….

Friday, April 14, 2006

Ayodhya, Banaras ,Shrinagar and Delhi…… And in Iraq everyday..
No matter where this happens,, humanity always suffers…
I had written this just after the London blasts…


Date was seven, time was nine,
The place was famous “London life line”.
There were blasts in the London tubes,
Human bodies were there in the flesh cubes.
All of a sudden, humanity was in pain,
The deadly terrorists have done it again.
All was there-cry and shout,
The lady decided to check it out.
The lady was fearless, curious and keen,
Passionate about her job, the journalist queen.
There was the furious masked man,
Here was the curious lady with pen.
Man shouted aloud “Go! Go! Run away!”

The lady roared back-
“I won’t run, come what may!”
“You will loose your life, have some fear”
The lady replied, “I don’t care.
Put off your mask, come on man!
Let me see if you are human.
Don’t you have sister and brother?
Don’t you have wife and mother?”
“I have them all, as you do,
Brother and sister and children too”
“Then tell me why you chose to take gun?
What is the point in this useless run?”
He answered the lady-
“Fight is between front and rear,
Hate is there between rich and poor.
Two kind of human, both want to rule,
For their fight, religion is the tool.
You don’t understand religion and so you fall,
That’s the time you get crime’s call.
When you don’t care for the basic human needs,
Then you are involved in such heinous deeds.
Listen to me, don’t make the chase,
I have lots of work and time is less
Now be here lady, if you want to die,
No one is here to listen you cry”
Now the lady knew it’s the time to pack,

Stunned and amazed the lady was back!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006


7 APRIL 2025

1. The Education Minister declares that the “quota seats” in IITs and IIMs will be increased upto 80% ..
2. Two professors from IIM and two from IIT quit their jobs....
3. So and so Ministers admits that he was solely responsible for the SCAM And doesn’t want to appeal further..
4. Our PM asks America ,not to interfere in other country’s matters, otherwise India will impose a ban on different Indian aids to America…
5. Pakistani chief declares that entire Kashmir is the part India and Pakistan has nothing to do with Kashmir…
6. There is an increase in demand of Indian toys in China...
7. France and Russia are willing to buy the latest missiles from India..
8. Maharashtra became the first “FARMER LESS” state with the suicide of the last farmer today.. suicides continued from year 2006…

Friday, April 07, 2006


Shiksha ka arth ab nahi hai “gyan ki khoj”,
Bachche ke liye shiksha hai usake baste ka boz..
Wo log tay karte hai ,hamare bachche kya padhe aur kya nahi,
Jinhe khud nahi pata kya galat hai aur kya sahi..
Nahi hai "unhe" pichchade logo ko padhana,
kyunki nirksharata hai "unake" liye woto ka khajana..
“unaki” shikshaneetiyo se hame hi ladana hai,
kyunki “unake” bachcho ko to videsho me padhana hai.

*Jo apane apano ke hi nahi hote, wo kya kisi ka bhala karenge,
sahath salo me jo nahi kiya wo ab kar denge???

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


She has completed 75 years today, but no signs of old age whatsoever. She is fit and fine and very enthusiastic. She is native of England, living in Nasik for last 5 years, a trained nurse, a social worker and a good friend of mine. She is passionate about India and knows everything from politics to cricket to social problems.....
She is fond of learning different languages. She can speak English, Spanish, French, German, Marathi and some more. We met in an informal class of Sanskrit. There I used to help her in translating Sanskrit words into English. The passion of learning Sanskrit brought us very close. She loves to read “Bhagwad Geeta” ,,,not because it is a religious book but because of the importance of "karma" given in it..
She knows about moves of “Sonia Gandhi”,Dr Kalam and Our PM..
She likes Amir khan and Dimple..
She admires Rahul Dravid and she likes pace and aggression of Shoaib Akhtar.....
Her favorite movies are DCH,Swades, RDB and want to see Being Cyrus..
At times I feel amazed that in this short span of time how much she learnt about India!!
She always reject my point that “we have problems because of huge population”.. She believes that “You have plenty of resources, you people just don’t care about yourself.. everywhere there is mismanagement.”
In spite of some anguish about pollution and garbage she always tells me “I want to die in India and want to born here to live my next life”
But people like her never die,, they continue to live in the hearts of their friends for ever…….

Monday, April 03, 2006

Few days ago my friend was suffering with acute pain in her elbow.
She had to see her doctor.. Her doctor informed that it was “Tennis Elbow”.
She jumped “oh the same!! Which the great Sachin Tendulkar had!!!!
Her whole family was feeling sort of proud that she had “the most celebrated illness”…