Friday, May 05, 2006


We have elite class of students from reputed institutions (who get all the attention) and we have general class of students from other pvt or govt colleges (who end up with nowhere to go).general class of youth has no use of their degrees,they have to just look smart,can speak English so they can serve well to the elite class in shoping malls,multiplexes and coffee cafes!! Or can be good market representative of two wheeler / mobile / insurance company!!

We have “mitti se jude log” and “kisan ke bete” as politicians with five star life style and we have poor village farmers who are ending their lives for few thousand rupees!!

I think “some part of India is shining extraordinarily bright because the remaining part is quite dark!!!”

Two main pillars of our society(farmers and students) are in frustration,, committing suicides..I want to share this(poem ??) views / thoughts / expression or just lines..

Deaths of students

Students are committing suicides; it’s a national shame,
They should be brave,not should be tame.
They all are smart,intelligent and bright,
Why they are giving-up before any fight?

What is the pain ,they are trying to hide?
What is causing them to commit suicide?
Why they choose to be on their own?

Among so much crowd,why they feel alone?
These are the questions,needed to be answered,
Whatever are the problems,needed to be conquered
They should be taught,rules of life game!
They can still be winners,without money and fame!!
They should be made at ease!! So they can share,
They are India’s future,should be handled with care!!
To save their lives,we all should try,
We just can’t afford to let them die!!!


  • hi, rachana, its nice to see you back.hope you had a good time with your loved ones.
    you know my mom, says that when you are willing to be a student, neccessary teachers far as suicide is concerned, its not an act of cowardice for some. but, a pity on self. the only easiest way is to finish off your life, rather than face the harsh reality.

    By Blogger nabeel, at 05 May, 2006  

  • Welcome back..its nice to have you back with such a beautiful and piercing have very sharp observation..

    By Blogger abhay k, at 06 May, 2006  

  • nabeel,,thanks and ys its great to be with dear ones!
    abhay,,thanks a lot..

    By Blogger rachana, at 07 May, 2006  

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