Friday, February 06, 2009

You Live Within Me.......

The world has declared you dead,But I don't believe...

With me, within me, you still live!!

It has been almost one year....

still I can feel you, smell and hear!!

I had created you, you are my part!

I don't believe that you can ever depart....
In every single day,you are always there..

In all my acts,and in my prayer...

I can't see or talk to you,

But I always care....

More than my daughter You were-My beloved little friend!

It was great fun!growing together-hand-in-hand!

I am desprate to see you just for once!

Will you agree? Will I get a chance??

Will you come? Will it be possible?

May be in the dreams!!!May be in the real??

The smart brains advise me--
I should not reason the Death!
But isn't it obvious
With the fractured faith?

Whom should I blame?
whose fault should I claim?
The position of stars??
Or the lines on the palms??

It is very tough!
But I have to try...
It is ridiculous to laugh..
When I want to cry..

I have to live in the name of-
"Life has to go on!!"
so living the deadly life,
with each new Dawn!

You are not dead..
Still living within me!
in your Maa!
who else can it be??



Dear Friends,

I am recieving your comments ... they are very emotional, personal.. they touched my heart so I am keeping them there in my heart.. not publishing them.. Thanks for all the support and care..