Friday, May 26, 2006

In the name of social justice “castes” are again doing the rounds. I did not know about the castes of many of my friends and neighbours.I got to know about some of the people of backward classes. I failed to understand that by what measures theses people are backwards?
Yes there are enough poor people who need better education and other facilities, but castes have nothing to do with it.
I heard views of many people on TV channels [Both pro and anti reservation]
There were some people from backward castes who served for high profile jobs but none of them seems to be happy. They were talking about discrimination but if such thing was there how they came this far???
It has been 50 years and we have yet to listen from people that they are happy with reservations. None of them come up and say “we are uplifted and now feeling leveled with the upper caste people”
Then why do these reservations exist??
I have heard some voices of young students who belong to the backward castes and are against reservations..all the applauds for them!!”

"Respect should be earned and not should be demanded”
Once I won a scholarship in school on merit basis. My father did not allow me to apply for it..not that my father was a king of some state or something like that (in fact he was from a middle class Brahmin family and had to earn himself to complete his higher education.) but he said there are poor students who really need this money..Although I was sad at that time but it was a great lesson for me for my future life..
I mean to say that if the so called “creamy layer” decides to compete with general class and let the benefit go to the poor people,, society will respect them..
We the people of India (from both upper and lower castes) need to work together for social justice..
Do these politicians represent us (the aam junta)?? Technically yes but otherwise they don’t..
Take a look at their honesty and integrity—One report on a TV channel shows that these people declared before Election commission that they don’t own a single car…
The list includes---
Rahul Gandhi
Sachin Pilot
Naveen Jindal-------


  • Totally agree with you. "Respect should be earned and not should be demanded” and "Good things should be deserved before being desired.."

    By Blogger Rahul Negi, at 28 May, 2006  

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