Monday, February 27, 2006


The president of US is coming to India and all the news papers are full of praise and positive thoughts about our nation. I am feeling good as a common Indian. We are multiskilled and multi lingual people. An average educated middle class (I have to say that) Indian knows (speaks or understands) at least four languages (Hindi, English, his mother tongue and the lang of the state where he works).An manager in IT compney, who lives in Metro when visits to his small village, doesn’t hesitate to do the house hold chores which he used to do as a kid. And so on..
Let me share this with you—

Land of Gods and land of saints,
Land of years-old monuments.
Different Cultures, languages and religions,
Different caste, costumes in different regions.
Skilled people and large population
All is there in our own nation.
We should take this all as a boon,
We have to make our own fortune.
We are the people with beautiful mind,
Why Indians should be left behind?
Poverty, unemployment and some despair,
Filth, dirt and polluted air.
We are living with some flaws,
Ignorance to problem is the main cause.
Government should be pushed to work for us,
They have to deliver without making fuss.
Some responsibilities we have to bear,
If we people don’t, then who will care??

Saturday, February 25, 2006

SHUT UP MIND! Let me enjoy.

Those words stuck to my mind when I heard them a few days back.
Recently there was a silver jubilee celebration of “Art of Living” in Banglore.That was the celebration of oneness of human kind. People from all over the world were gathered there and they shared their views. The most beautiful speech came from a person from Saudi Arabia. The speech was like this—
“I am Hashim. But it doesn’t matter now.
I am from Saudi Arabia. It also doesn’t matter now.
For two days I am asking this question to myself –“Why I am here?”
I have got two answers, the first one is “I don’t know” and the second more important one is “I don’t want to know”.
Shut up mind! Let me enjoy. We don’t need to find reasons to love each other.”

How true he was! In the materialistic race of need and greed we are loosing out on love and tolerance. Most of the time our mind rules our heart. There is so much within me which is trying to come out through this blog but my mind obstructing it with all sort of worries. I uttered those words to my mind. I will listen to my heart.
Here are my views on humanity, in the Indian context.
Our names may be Salim, Shyam, or the Francis,
Our Gods may be Allah, Ram or the Jesus,
We may be Mrarathis, Kashmiries or the Goans,
But one thing is common, that we all are humans.
God never made the human with grade,
All of us own only one heart and one head.
The blood in our body is only the red,
Most important things are bread, clothes and shed.
We have big giants to fight, population and poverty,
We have man made problems and natural calamity.
To overcome all that we should live with integrity,
We should follow one religion, which is humanity.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Within few hours my friend was back with her report. She is a good task finisher like M S Dhoni!! The first thing she had to say “forget about the blogs; come back in your humble, honest world. Don’t mess with the mess”.
I believe she must have visited many blogs, as she is a comparisoner! (as we Indians are –“uski sari, meri sari se jyada safed kaise?”)
She continued-“blogs are all about decorative language and manipulative words. There has to be many –err…., grrrr.., blah……, ah…., cool, etc. and I bet you can’t use them ever!”
(She is right!)
“And then there are some childish and some intellectual blogs. You choose the middle path always. You know one has to be extremists, with thoughts and expressions, to fetch the readers!”
(Again she is right.)
“Last but not least, there are no colours in your blog and I doubt there will be any as you prefer black and white! Then you don’t have the long blue colored list at the right hand side and some colored names from where one can directly jump to other blog!! I don’t think there is any chance for you. That is all I have to say now it’s up to you.”

At last she is done with her report. I have to trust her. She speaks only the truth. She is not the one who looses the opportunity to be honest in the name of being good.
I thought my blog HOPES FLEW AWAY for ever. I was as silent as death. To get some life I turned up to this small poem of mine-
It happens in our lives when our plans fail, our thought process derails.
We have to adjust with anguish and disgust.
We feel all is lost, but we can’t die.
We have to believe that we are still alive.
Our brain is bullied and heart is torn,
But that’s the only chance we get to RE BORN!!
We need to bear this temporary pain,
We should be courageous to live once again!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

In Search of Readers

Blogs are of no use without readers. I know patience is the key, but I am getting impatient with my patience too. The cute, little naughty zero with comments irritates me! I thought to seek help from family and friends. Family turned me down coz everybody is reluctant to communicate on net, they still believe in old fashioned! Telephone communication. I turned to my friend (who doesn’t know abt blogs). She asked what will be there to read.
Now that’s what even I don’t know (if everything is planned in advance, where’s the chance to be spontaneous) I told her there will be some thing to read for sure but there will be strictly nothing about the following subjects(at least for some time.)
1. Movie Reviews: a. If I liked the movie, paisa vasool!!! It will be wise to move on with life.
B.If I didn’t like the movie ,I must have wasted money on it so will not waste time too!!
C.There is many enthusiastic reviewers are on blog!

2.Indian economy: We have got two v good economist on v good posts(PM AND FM).It will be foolish of me to say anything,, and by the way I don’t know anything about economics!!
3. Anything related to Hollywood: I am terrible with that ,,all I know are few names
(Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise and few female names, but I can’t spell that correctly!!)
4. And anything related to Saurav Ganguly will not be there because it may invite flood of unwanted comments!!

Saturday, February 18, 2006


I believe "The less privileged people live their life more happily than the privileged ones".This true stoy confirms
my belief. Iwould like to share this story with you..

Some time ago I happened to visit a Ganesh temple in a village. The temple is situated near a big lake, so poor little boys happily earn some rupees by washing cars and taxies of visitors. A boy came and asked to clean our car to which we agreed. As he was cleaning the car, I just asked him whether he goes to school. He quickly answered that he goes to school and work only on Saturdays and Sundays. As I asked a few more questions, I got to know that he and his brother were orphans and lived with their grandma. He looked happy to talk about him self. After a few minutes I asked him how his mother died, and he innocently said that he didn’t know about it as he was not born at that time!! I was shell shocked and got numb by his answer. A 9/10 year boy who goes to school doesn’t know that how he came to this world? He was just happy to his life as it is! After some minutes I gathered my wits and handed him Rs. 20.I told him that Rs 10 was for his work and Rs.10 as gift from me as he studies. By that time his friend came, they had a hearty laugh and ran away for another car!!
What a celebration of life!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


15 of Feb was her b’day. I want to dedicate this poem to the little one..


I am a little tiny girl,
Bright and fresh like a pearl.
I want to sing a beautiful song,
But sister says the lyric is wrong.
I like to watch the cartoon show,
But papa wants the news in a row.
Sometimes study is just enough,
But to convince mummy is very tough.
With my friend I have friendly fight,
But teacher says to be calm and quiet.
I want to do a swinging dance,
But who will give me a mere chance?
This I should do and that I should not,
Can I do once what I want!
I would like to be very frank,
I just don’t like grade and rank.
I am ready to study hard,
But I hate the report card.
I love to play the whole day,
It may be doll, ball or clay.
To growing old is no more fun,
I want to be always little one!

May God Bless You.

As birthdays have something to do with age, I have some 0bservations for the question “How old are you?”

At the age of
1)1 to 10
Only parents are eligible to answer that!

2)11 to 15
The age is written all over you body!

3)16 to 20
You are not available for the world to comment on it!

4)21 to 25
You will be more than eager to announce that at every given opportunity!
5)26 to 30
Many would be eager to know, but nobody would dare to ask you!

6)31 to 35
No one is interested in you age..

7)35 and above
Stop counting! It’s useless to count further..

All the observations are based on normal physical growth. There can be 2 exceptions
1) People with damaged luck can look older than their age.
2) Some special creation of God (Parents for that matter, keeping in mind that once I was a biology student..) can look young for ever..

Let me introduce myself-

Hi,I am rachana.I can think, react, read, write, laugh, cry, walk, talk, see, smell, hear,taste, feel and what not!
I can do that all with the ability to stand up,every time I fall!!
My age,occupation,location,etc are not worth for anybody for anything in the Net World.
I am a good human being,certified by family,friends,neighbours,society and will be certified soon by blogger commmunity (hopefully!).
Fascinated by the world of words(blogs), so I am here.