Monday, July 31, 2006


Rushing people
Fast pace
Shopping malls
Few old chawls
Shiny cars
Hotels and bars
Divided castes
Frequent blasts
Slum areas
Posh areas
Channel on the gate
Kennel for the pet
Attractive exterior
Rich interior
Egos, ambitions
Passion, fashions
Busy days
Clocked schedules
Even 'fun' is for sale
In the ‘fares’
No spare time
But who cares?
A helping maid
Sleeping pills on the bed!
Not mine, nor yours
Perhaps every body’s case
We all are running
with this madness!!
Television and computer
Two “people” around
Those are the ones
Who make the sound!

Closed windows
And closed doors
Knock- knock- knock
Any LIFE is there??
A deadly SILENCE appears!!!!!


Chirping birds
Cawing crows
Morning walks
Evening talks
Stories of grandma

Care of grandpa
Everyday meetings
Nothing-to-do sittings
No hobby class
Always free
To time pass!
Lots of games
Lots of choices
Lots of arguments
Lots of noise!
Lots of clay
Cousins to play!
Patient dad
And strict mom!

Few schools
With dedicated teachers

The priceless fun
Of learning with nature!
No competition
No frustration
Lots of tolerance
And the affection!

No one was resistant
To give and to share
Lots of love and
Lots of care!
Once “LIFE” lived there
LIFE lived there!!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

( *Till The Viewer Is Dead* )

In the late seventies when one of my cousins visited Mumbai, he was the first one from our family to have a glimpse of TV. When he came back we all were crazy and excited to know his experience which he explained with great enthusiasm!
Then in 82 TV came to our home and I still have fresh memories of Kapil Dev lifting the World Cup.

We saw Ravi Shastri taking a round of the cricket ground in an expensive car (‘Audy’) with his teammates in Australia.
We witnessed funeral of Late Mrs. Indira gandhi..
Many such moments are still stored in my mind.
But these days we have full live coverage of each and everything!
Recently we had seen the survival of ‘prince of well(s)’
.Some time ago we had live chat with another ‘Prince and his fiancée’ just after their engagement as if the event was one of its kind in the world.
Then one old middle aged lover professor and his 22 year old ‘lady love’ are enjoying all the media attention by being ‘live and exclusive’ on various news channels.
The lady love has a hearty laugh before answering any question with the expression of “you fool people……..”.
At times such live and exclusive coverage ridicules the sensitive issues like that of ‘gudiya’s (she was pregnant and was in dilemma about choosing from her husband who
came back after being missing for the past few years and the present one with whom she was living.)
Some of these “live and exclusive” telecasts are aired on so much channels for some much time until the viewer becomes deadly bored……….

Thursday, July 20, 2006

FREE ? AM I ??

I just started to breathe
and they closed the window on air..
I just started to see
and they put a blindfold on my eyes..
I just started to hear
and they banned the source of sound..
I just started to speak
and they want me to be quiet..

I am not allowed to be my own
to speak, to hear or to see
and they say I am free!!!

Will I be given a chance to listen?
a chance to tell?
Or I have to go back to my shell??

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


We can always recover without having pill,
But we can not recover without having will.
We can always perform well without one arm,
But we can not perform well without having charm.
We can always meet the goal without one foot,
But we can not meet the goal without knowing route

We can always be literate without good looks,
But we can not be literate without reading books.
We can always be happy without much wealth,
But we can not be happy without good health………

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Aatankwadiyon ke liye ek sandesh

Chalo chalein nav yug ki oar
Mana tumme rosh bahut hai, nai khoon ka josh bahut hai.
Gusse ko ab chchodo bhi tum, lakshyon ko ab modo bhi tum.
Thamo nav jeevan ki dor.
Mana, tumne bahut hai khoya, kshamta se kuch kam hi paaya.

Chchoota jo,wo sab paa loge, sahi raah par agar chaloge.
Dekho aayi nai bhor,
Kitne kashton ko tum sahte? Khud ko hi tum chchalte rahte.
Kyun jillat ka jeevan jeete? Andheron me tum kyun rahte.
Dekho ab sooraj ki oar.
Ham jaise, tum bhi aye ho, tum bhi manu ke hi jaye ho.
Ham jaise adhikar tumhare, tum ho ham sabke hi pyare.
Bandh karo yuddhon ka shor,
Manavta ki sakh ko dekho, khud ke andar zhank ke dekho.
Dushta vicharon ko tum tyaago, galti ki to maafi maango.
Kyun darte? Jaise ho chor,
Zagdon se kya haasil hoga? Manav ka hi khoon bahega.
Ma ke sheesh ko aab mat zhukao, shakti ko mat vyarth gavao.
Sahi disha me lagao jor,

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Lakhon baate hai kahane ki,
kisako chchodu ,kya kah daalu..
sabki apni hai museebate,
kisaki sun lu, kisko taalu....
har koi dukh se peedit hai,
kis kis ke dukh ko mai paalu....
sabki hi baate sun lungi,
pahale mai kuchch apani sun lu!!!

Friday, July 07, 2006


“Paani ko usane kuch aise hai jana,
aakhon ka aansu aur tan ka paseena

Jo mein dekh paati, tumhe bhi bataun,
Sapano se alag kuch hakikat sunaun.
Kehene ko who hai hamare hi jaisa
Agar koi fark hai, to who hai bas paisa.
Barish to uspar kahar banake aati,
Badhien toote se ghar ko bahati..
Asahay sa who kuch kar na pata
Kapada aur bartan sab paani le jata
Ankhein unaki kabhi so na paati,
Rotiyan jab unake sapano me aati.
Uasake bacche bhi apani kismat se ladte,
Apani aayu se pehle hi bechare badhte……
Jab badhein nahi thi, to sukha pada tha
Tab bhi aur ab bhi, who bhuka khada tha.
Har mausam mein usaki yahi hai kahani,
Paani si behati usaki jindagani.

Monday, July 03, 2006


Life has her own ways, and I have mine,
She drags me to dark, but I will shine!!

She wants me to be a puppet- deaf and dumb,
But as always I refuse to succumb!!

As per her rules, she wants me to live,
At time she cheats, that’s what I believe!!

With my plans, she likes to play game,
When I fail she doesn’t take the blame!!

I will win or will it be she?
I have to wait, I have to see!!

From dawn to dusk,
From dusk to dawn,
My fight will be on,
The fight will be on…….