Friday, September 29, 2006


It has been quite a few years for me to write any exam..
Nabeel has put up some interesting questions on his blog..I tried to attempt them..let us see how do I fare....
1• What according to you, is a blog?
A. Blogs are peoples' "silent shout".I have written more on blogs in my post

2• How did you come to know about blogging?
A. Accidently!!!..It's quite interesting...while googling for some thing, I reached to
varun singh's blog where he had written about 'suicide' of an IIT student, I had written a poem on that issue so I dropped that, on his blog as annonymous day he mentioned it on his blog and said that it is sad that people don't mention their names with such nice write I meseged him that I had written that poem and mailed him few more poems of mine, he appreciated those and insisted that I should write a blog so that I can share my views with more people..he helped me all the way to have my blog! Thanks to him for the encouragement! It happened 6 months I am trying hard to come out of blogs !!!

3• How far it has changed your perception?
A. 'Not much! just a little'.

4• Are you true to yourself while blogging ?
A. I try to be true to myself. At times I express my views quite aggressively in my post,but in real life ,I am not like that!

5• Any blog? you wish to be the author of ? and why?
A.No! because I can't be someone else! I am happy with my modest way of writing..

6• What it has preached you?
A.There are many intelligent people around!!

7• Two of your fav. Blogs? And why?
A.Two are v. less to name! there are so many of my favourite blogs for so many reasons!

8• One of your fav. Post by a fellow blogger?
A. "FESTIVE FRENZY" by velu nair. And many more by other's...

9• One of your fav. Post by yourself?
."Oh! My Lord!"( my letter to God).

10• A blog which inspired you?
A. "Lies,Damned Lies and Blogs"(by varun singh) and "Ideas and Universe" (by Abhay kumar).

11• Any Blog friends ! who are they? and why?
A. yes quite a few blog friends..why?? what do you mean by that??

12• If provided opportunity would you like to meet a fellow blogger? Who? and why?
A.Hmmm I may like to meet,I may not ......let the opportunity come!!

13• name a blogger, who comments regularly in each post of yours?
1A.No one has comented on each one of my posts. Yes I do have regular readers,but they are non-commenters.( well ,I like to believe so!).

14• A blog, where you comment regularly?
A.quite a few...

15• How does it feel to be called as a blogger?
A.Not bad!!!
You have seen my answer sheet, so how much do I score sir/madam ???

Saturday, September 23, 2006


In one of her posts, Fiza has written this--
"We all have two minds- one which speaks favouring the situation and the other speaks the truth and a bit philosophical too..."

It happens with me all the time..some part of me wants to do some thing and the other part wants some thing other------

I want to learn and do so many things in life.... but 'the other me' is just happy to be dumb, wants to pass on the 'growth' to my daughters and watch them grow!

When I see little kids on the road with no clothes I feel the guilt of having so many clothes.....but the 'the other me' wants all different clothes for all diffrent occasions!

When I see or hear about malnutrition of poor kids,I feel the guilt of having all sort of eatables in the kitchen ,some of which I haven't used for months.....but 'the other me' wants to eat all the tasty food!

I want to celebrate festivals with the underprivilegd people to make them feel good atleast for one day....but 'the other me' wants to celebrate every festival ignoring sufferings of others!

so the struggle continues........fighting with each other both "myself" and "me" are living in the same body and life is going on like this.......

Do you have 'the other yourself' in You??

Monday, September 18, 2006

Fifteen minutes with her........
As I entered the city bus, a teenager girl smiled at me and offered the seat near her "yanha baith jaaiye (sit here)",she said....She was one among the group of teenagers, going to their college..some boys some girls....some girls wearing veil/burakha while others were in white salwar kurta...they were all having fun with exchange of witty coments.....
within a couple of minutes we exchanged few general questions and answers..I asked her whether wearing a veil is compulsory for girls....she told that wearing the veil is not complusory in their college,it is more of a family some families a girl can't go out side home, after a certain age, without wearing the veil..but her mother is not that much strict, her father is no more and so her mother has to go to work...
I asked her,if she likes to wear a veil or not...she replied that "I don't mind wearing it,because it is just an outfit and in any case it can't change the inner me, who is free!!!! aur fir shaadi ke baad to pahanana hi padataa hai!"
She told me that although wearing a veil is not compulsory in their college but girls are not allowed to talk to boys at all...they can't talk to thier classmates(boys)......and can't exchange any study material with them.......she laughed and said how ridiculous all this is,,but this is the way it is.......eveyday some boys commute in the same bus as we girls and we do talk and there is nothing wrong in doing so......
her destination was near...she stood up from her seat and arranged the dupatta neatly on her head......we waved at each other ,bidding a good bye .....
I was thinking about her and about the other smart girls who were draped in veils, all the beauty was peeping out of thier two glittering be progressive one need not necessarily be rebellious!!!!!
Those young girls were BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL...bold with their thoughts and beautiful with their feminity...though their bodies were covered as much as possible...........

Sunday, September 10, 2006


A blast.....30 people dead...200 injured......many of them were children....

Perhaps The Worst......

Act by human being-- to kill innocent people..

Place to choose for crime---graveyard...near a mosque....

Time for killings----prayer time...

Age group on target------children....


The bitter truth is we are living (we have to..) with all this around us...

May young souls rest in peace..

Few lines for them---


'Maa ki khushiyo ka pal balak,
usake sapano ka kal balak,
maa ke jeevan ka bal balak,
usaki mushkil ka hal balak.'

"Na sukh jane,na dukh jane,
jhooth na jane sachcha hai!
galati karta,shiksha pata,
paka nahi, abhi kachcha hai!
befikra hai wo,bekhauf bhi hai,
na kapati hai na luchcha hai!
kuchch natkhat hai kuchch bhola bhi,
wo bada nahi abhi bachcha hai!!!!"

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


“You can do it.”, “It happens…don’t worry…everything will be alright”, “Sab thik ho jayega.”,Lagey raho” ,and so on….
All these phrases are not mere words, they reflect some energy and enthusiasm if said by the right person at the right time. I believe that our regular small worries are also more or less related to the “said” or “unsaid” words by our family, friend, boss or colleague.
These words have so much power that even kids get affected by them. They make a huge impact on them too..
I would like to share this incident… Once my little daughter fell down while playing and had scratches on both of her knees.
She came crying to me.. I did the needful and as it was one of those regular stuff which happens to kids..I was back to my work.
She came to me again (still crying) and said “aap bolo ye thik ho jayega.” (“you have to say that it will be alright”)..I was surprised that more than anything else she wanted to hear those words from me!! She needed words from me with the ointment!!
One more incident- My daughter gets ‘good’ in her maths notebook quite frequently but she is desperate to get it in her history notebook. Her history teacher is reluctant to use that word, so one ‘good’ in history notebook gives her more pleasure than several of them in maths..
It happens to us adults in my case.. I get appreciation for my cooking almost everyday from my father in law who is kind enough to say “ achcha khana banaya hai”.
But those words give me more pleasure when my husband says so…once in a blue moon!
(Don’t get it wrong!! I do cook well everyday!)

And thanks to the kind words of kind people (whom I know only by their words!), I am at ‘blogs’, well and writing!!

So ‘words’ can make us happy or sad, they can encourage us to do well in our lives!! We have plenty of examples when we hear from successful people that some ‘words’ from some people changed their lives for ever!

But at times our mind is occupied with prejudice and it refuses to think otherwise..that time words don’t impress us much…even wise quotes have no impact are some examples (with due respect to ‘quote’ writers)….

“God is everywhere, He can see all,He has all the powers.”
*Then what he is doing when the innocent people are being killed brutally all over the world? *

“Create an idealized image of yourself and try to resemble it.”
*But ideal things are not suppose to be achieved by human beings!*

“Practice what you preach.”
*Preachers do nothing..they only practice to preach.*

“You are as old as you think!”
*This phrase is used only by 40 something people!*

“Money is not everything.”
*Ask the son whose mother died of illness because he had no money to afford a specialist doctor for her.*

"Reality bites!"
* And honesty beats!!*
---- ---- ----- ---

Enough of my words…now it’s your turn!!!

I do write in Hindi here--