Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I was wondering, what are Blogs all about?
I found that they are people’s SILENT SHOUT!!
Some laugh aloud, some scream with pain,
Emotions come out straight from their brain.
Young ones put up their personal issues,
You can find them sobbing without using tissues.
They can be boring, they can be nice,
But the language is always with added spice.
The rules of language can be put on the rack,
For writers like me, this is icing on the cake.
Whatever the subjects you feel to share.
Sports, politics, business all can be there,
The fight with friend, argument with boss,
The joys of win and sorrows of loss.
Blog reading can be good when you are alone,
You can get some expressions as your very own!!!

I am an infant to this blog world, just one month old. One day I was searching for some page on google and landed on someone’s blog. I found it interesting to read that page and then got to know about many other blogs. I was fascinated with the world of words and it was amazing and very easy to put my views on the article by commenting on it. In this way the writer and the reader can communicate on one to one basis.
In my opinion to express the views and to share the knowledge are two basic qualities of man kind and probably reasons for evolution of human being. As Indians have many different cultures, to have opinion on each and everything is also a part of our culture. Our social setup is such that we need communication badly. We are not mould to live a lonely life, we like people to listen us and we love to listen to the people. I think blogs (where mostly employed and highly qualified persons express their views)are the advanced version of the chats of every nook and corner of every town, city or village where unemployed youth discuss various issues like politics, social, sports etc.
The best thing is there are not any criteria to be a blogger.No body is answerable to anybody. And what more on earth can any body ask for? Every person wants to be master of his own and blogs provides exactly that..


  • *clap,clap* :)

    By Blogger Ashish Gupta, at 23 March, 2006  

  • very true

    By Blogger Rudro, at 23 March, 2006  

  • thanks ashish and rudro

    By Blogger rachana, at 23 March, 2006  

  • well its like getting retrospective. nice any ways.

    By Blogger anon_iitian, at 25 March, 2006  

  • hi Rachna,
    Blogging empowers and nothing makes us feel as great as being recognized and appreciated.Though you are an infant to blogging you are making the best use of it. Lets rage against the dying of the light...
    with best wishes!

    By Blogger abhay k, at 26 March, 2006  

  • its like... u r reading my mind. very true. hope to see more good stuff from u.

    By Blogger Yasaswi, at 28 March, 2006  

  • nice poem,

    We are not mould to live a lonely life, we like people to listen us and we love to listen to the people.

    so true

    one thing i want to add here that sometimes u can feel lonely in a crowd. Its so easy with blogging though u r bound to found persons who think in a similar way in this vast global space.

    By Blogger Manish, at 09 October, 2006  

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