Sunday, September 10, 2006


A blast.....30 people dead...200 injured......many of them were children....

Perhaps The Worst......

Act by human being-- to kill innocent people..

Place to choose for crime---graveyard...near a mosque....

Time for killings----prayer time...

Age group on target------children....


The bitter truth is we are living (we have to..) with all this around us...

May young souls rest in peace..

Few lines for them---


'Maa ki khushiyo ka pal balak,
usake sapano ka kal balak,
maa ke jeevan ka bal balak,
usaki mushkil ka hal balak.'

"Na sukh jane,na dukh jane,
jhooth na jane sachcha hai!
galati karta,shiksha pata,
paka nahi, abhi kachcha hai!
befikra hai wo,bekhauf bhi hai,
na kapati hai na luchcha hai!
kuchch natkhat hai kuchch bhola bhi,
wo bada nahi abhi bachcha hai!!!!"


  • hi dear..
    chanda hai tu, mera suraj hai tu oh meri aankho ka tara hai ytu...

    shayad yeh do lines maa ke pyar ko bahut achchi tarah se bayan karti hai...

    By Blogger mona, at 11 September, 2006  

  • Such an evocative post, Rachana!!
    And such a sad event!
    Or yet another one, shud I say?

    By Blogger V N, at 12 September, 2006  

  • Well written,,,, leaves one with a lump on the throat.....

    By Blogger panini03, at 13 September, 2006  

  • It was a real disaster. Nice poem !!

    By Blogger Pavithra, at 13 September, 2006  

  • I saw the blasts on news channel.
    It was really scarry seeing people running away from mosque in terror....trampling injured and dead people.

    Hope this never happens again.

    By Blogger Abhishek Upadhyay, at 13 September, 2006  

  • such a hedeious and inhuman act to target little innocent children!
    its such a misfortune that we share with such people this beautiful place we like to call earth!

    By Blogger ketki, at 15 September, 2006  

  • Terrifying how sometimes the world may seem. I guess when all due process fails us we really do live in a world of terror.

    By Blogger Manny, at 16 September, 2006  

  • "bacche mann ke saache, saari jug ki aankh ke taare,

    yeh woh nanhe phool hai jo bhagwaan ko lagte pyare..."

    Used to be her fav. song - she taught me how to sing THIS one.

    Donno, she might have changed opinions now ;)

    By Blogger Ashish Gupta, at 21 September, 2006  

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