Thursday, July 27, 2006

( *Till The Viewer Is Dead* )

In the late seventies when one of my cousins visited Mumbai, he was the first one from our family to have a glimpse of TV. When he came back we all were crazy and excited to know his experience which he explained with great enthusiasm!
Then in 82 TV came to our home and I still have fresh memories of Kapil Dev lifting the World Cup.

We saw Ravi Shastri taking a round of the cricket ground in an expensive car (‘Audy’) with his teammates in Australia.
We witnessed funeral of Late Mrs. Indira gandhi..
Many such moments are still stored in my mind.
But these days we have full live coverage of each and everything!
Recently we had seen the survival of ‘prince of well(s)’
.Some time ago we had live chat with another ‘Prince and his fiancée’ just after their engagement as if the event was one of its kind in the world.
Then one old middle aged lover professor and his 22 year old ‘lady love’ are enjoying all the media attention by being ‘live and exclusive’ on various news channels.
The lady love has a hearty laugh before answering any question with the expression of “you fool people……..”.
At times such live and exclusive coverage ridicules the sensitive issues like that of ‘gudiya’s (she was pregnant and was in dilemma about choosing from her husband who
came back after being missing for the past few years and the present one with whom she was living.)
Some of these “live and exclusive” telecasts are aired on so much channels for some much time until the viewer becomes deadly bored……….


  • Hello.. Fellow Nashikite. Nice blog.

    By Blogger Sakshi, at 27 July, 2006  

  • Hey !!
    Thnks for dropping by my blog..
    u have a great blog here :


    By Blogger Gumnaaaam, at 28 July, 2006  

  • we got our TV in 86 but used to go to other people house to see Asian games, Delhi & World Cup . Yes u r right in saying that these so called live & exclusive coverage are more on creating sensation than providing meaningful content!

    By Blogger Manish, at 30 July, 2006  

  • hi sakshi..nice to meet another one from nasik..thanks.

    hi gumnaaaam,, thank you!!

    Manish,, those were the educative days with TV i believe...

    By Blogger rachana, at 31 July, 2006  

  • :))

    Oh well! To everyone their own!

    I wonder how scary that day would be when satisfaction and mariginal utility of something would get quantified and have set standards.

    arre didi jo jis cheez ko TV par dekh kar khush ho raha hai hone do na... aur jisko accha na lage uske liye 5-10 dozen channels hai na ;)

    By Blogger Ashish Gupta, at 03 August, 2006  

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