Monday, July 31, 2006


Rushing people
Fast pace
Shopping malls
Few old chawls
Shiny cars
Hotels and bars
Divided castes
Frequent blasts
Slum areas
Posh areas
Channel on the gate
Kennel for the pet
Attractive exterior
Rich interior
Egos, ambitions
Passion, fashions
Busy days
Clocked schedules
Even 'fun' is for sale
In the ‘fares’
No spare time
But who cares?
A helping maid
Sleeping pills on the bed!
Not mine, nor yours
Perhaps every body’s case
We all are running
with this madness!!
Television and computer
Two “people” around
Those are the ones
Who make the sound!

Closed windows
And closed doors
Knock- knock- knock
Any LIFE is there??
A deadly SILENCE appears!!!!!


Chirping birds
Cawing crows
Morning walks
Evening talks
Stories of grandma

Care of grandpa
Everyday meetings
Nothing-to-do sittings
No hobby class
Always free
To time pass!
Lots of games
Lots of choices
Lots of arguments
Lots of noise!
Lots of clay
Cousins to play!
Patient dad
And strict mom!

Few schools
With dedicated teachers

The priceless fun
Of learning with nature!
No competition
No frustration
Lots of tolerance
And the affection!

No one was resistant
To give and to share
Lots of love and
Lots of care!
Once “LIFE” lived there
LIFE lived there!!!!


  • Well,thats really true,something which i was saying in my post too:) Wish we belonged to such life past when it was simple yet beautiful.
    thanks for dropping by my blog.

    By Blogger Alapana, at 31 July, 2006  

  • hi alapana,
    Yes these thoughts were in my mind for some time but after reading ur blog and one more post abt childhood of 80s i had strong urge to put them here....

    By Blogger rachana, at 31 July, 2006  

  • Thats a good one Rachana....well structured.. Really takes us back to our childhood...Atleast I am taken to the days I spent in my native village.... I mean it.. Keep it up and thanks for rewinding my life...!!!! for a brief moment!!!!

    By Blogger panini03, at 01 August, 2006  

  • ohh wow!
    Thats a beautiful poem and so well said..sums up the truth in all of our lives...guess most of us miss the innocent days of our lives where everything was simple and sweet!

    By Blogger Ekta, at 02 August, 2006  

  • hi rachana,
    really true. and hats off for your way of writing.i like the way you focus on life.

    By Anonymous nabeel, at 02 August, 2006  

  • Beautiful...... creation

    By Anonymous Deepak, at 02 August, 2006  

  • aaj aur kal ke badlaav ko achchi tarah cover kiya hai aapne apni poem mein !

    By Blogger Manish, at 02 August, 2006  

  • awesome piece!!
    summarises life so beautifully!

    By Blogger Anand, at 02 August, 2006  

  • grrrr888888!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    man........ u've brought out the jist of life in ur "kavyarachana"!
    keep writting!!!!!!!!!

    By Blogger ketki, at 03 August, 2006  

  • Hi Rachana Mausi,
    Thats a good one, wish I could introduce Tara to more of mother nature out here,

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 August, 2006  

  • @panini,, thanks a lot...

    @ekta,,thanks and ys simplicity is missing these days!!

    @nabeel,,thanks for the appiciation..

    @deepak,, thank you..


    @anand,,glad..that you like the poem..

    @ketki,,thank you!!!!!!

    @sujata,,nice to see u to tara...

    By Blogger rachana, at 04 August, 2006  

  • Baap re aap kya kya likh leti hain...

    This seems like list of things to be purchased from local shop....:P

    By Blogger Abhishek Upadhyay, at 05 August, 2006  

  • hi abhishek,
    there are things in the list you wont get in any shop in the world, no matter how much money you are ready to spend...
    anyways, thanx for your honest comment.

    By Blogger rachana, at 05 August, 2006  

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