Thursday, April 20, 2006


GARGOTI is the mineral museum located in Sinnar near Nasik.Gargoti is a Marathi word which means flint stone. There they have marvelous zeolites.
Few years back when I came to Nasik and heard about it,I was not much interested to visit there, I thought this must be the place for researchers or geologists to visit.
Once we were on that way so decided to check it out. Again I thought to sit outside and let my husband go in, because Rs 100 ticket was too much for me to see some kind of stones!!
Finally though reluctantly I got in and was completely awestruck as entered there. I could not believe that those kind of amazing stones can be there under the so boring rocks!! Blue, green, pink and various shades of zeolites are just awesome! There arrangement (patterns) in the rock is unbelieveable!!
Since then I have visited the museum many times.It made us think that how beautiful rocks are from within!
Nasik is a holy city(in every 12 years “kumbh mela” occurs here).People do visit here as its near to shirdi .One should visit “gargoti”too.I believe nothing can be holier than the mother earth herself!!

There web site is,


  • zaroor nasik visit karenge, agar aap invite karenge toh.

    By Blogger nabeel, at 20 April, 2006  

  • rachana, there is a homage posting in my blog, every message of yours will make my friend`soul rest in peace.

    By Blogger nabeel, at 21 April, 2006  

  • "Again I thought to sit outside and let my husband go in, because Rs 100 ticket was too much for me to see some kind of stones!!"

    typical indian housewife mentality

    By Blogger anon_iitian, at 21 April, 2006  

  • @nabeel,, invited!!
    may ur friend's soul rest in peace..
    @ anon,"poor house wife",as if she married to any house!! and yes i prefer "typical indian housewife mentality" to "credit cards in purse and ego in mind" kind of mentality...

    By Blogger rachana, at 21 April, 2006  

  • Well what i meant by that was
    All indian housewives are like that, and you are no exception. You actually did go in, my mom would never have done that
    P.S. And by saying typical i mean no disrespect. Indian housewives are the biggest contributors to what we see today as success of india.

    By Blogger anon_iitian, at 21 April, 2006  

  • I planned so many times to visit nasik but smthin comes in the way.
    Ur post makes me feel like i missed smthin ..

    By Blogger Ankit, at 24 April, 2006  

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