Friday, April 14, 2006

Ayodhya, Banaras ,Shrinagar and Delhi…… And in Iraq everyday..
No matter where this happens,, humanity always suffers…
I had written this just after the London blasts…


Date was seven, time was nine,
The place was famous “London life line”.
There were blasts in the London tubes,
Human bodies were there in the flesh cubes.
All of a sudden, humanity was in pain,
The deadly terrorists have done it again.
All was there-cry and shout,
The lady decided to check it out.
The lady was fearless, curious and keen,
Passionate about her job, the journalist queen.
There was the furious masked man,
Here was the curious lady with pen.
Man shouted aloud “Go! Go! Run away!”

The lady roared back-
“I won’t run, come what may!”
“You will loose your life, have some fear”
The lady replied, “I don’t care.
Put off your mask, come on man!
Let me see if you are human.
Don’t you have sister and brother?
Don’t you have wife and mother?”
“I have them all, as you do,
Brother and sister and children too”
“Then tell me why you chose to take gun?
What is the point in this useless run?”
He answered the lady-
“Fight is between front and rear,
Hate is there between rich and poor.
Two kind of human, both want to rule,
For their fight, religion is the tool.
You don’t understand religion and so you fall,
That’s the time you get crime’s call.
When you don’t care for the basic human needs,
Then you are involved in such heinous deeds.
Listen to me, don’t make the chase,
I have lots of work and time is less
Now be here lady, if you want to die,
No one is here to listen you cry”
Now the lady knew it’s the time to pack,

Stunned and amazed the lady was back!!!!!!!!


  • hi,
    the message is applaudable, "yes we have enough religion to create hatred among ourself, but we donot have enough religion to create love among ourself".the sole reason for every bombing that takes place around the world is nothing but the religion.

    By Blogger nabeel, at 14 April, 2006  

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