Sunday, April 09, 2006


7 APRIL 2025

1. The Education Minister declares that the “quota seats” in IITs and IIMs will be increased upto 80% ..
2. Two professors from IIM and two from IIT quit their jobs....
3. So and so Ministers admits that he was solely responsible for the SCAM And doesn’t want to appeal further..
4. Our PM asks America ,not to interfere in other country’s matters, otherwise India will impose a ban on different Indian aids to America…
5. Pakistani chief declares that entire Kashmir is the part India and Pakistan has nothing to do with Kashmir…
6. There is an increase in demand of Indian toys in China...
7. France and Russia are willing to buy the latest missiles from India..
8. Maharashtra became the first “FARMER LESS” state with the suicide of the last farmer today.. suicides continued from year 2006…


  • hi Rachana,
    this one is really funny, makes me laugh...hahaha...
    You have got a great sense of humour with serious stuff
    all the best

    By Blogger abhay k, at 10 April, 2006  

  • rachana , i like the points 3,4,5,7 yes , indeed we are going to rule the world in the near future. but lets hope that religion is kept aside. bcoz that is what india needs to avoid discussions on. as they only create hatred and become a barricade to our country`s growth.

    By Blogger nabeel, at 10 April, 2006  

  • Great going!
    One day I will be really happy to see india emerging as the leader but Farmerless Maharashtra and 80% quota , even ur sarcasm r nice , with a message.

    By Blogger Neelima Arora, at 13 April, 2006  

  • @abhay
    thanks,,diplomates laugh too...
    @nabeel,,ys for people all religions are respectable,,its just few people are narrow minded..
    @neelima,,thanks, nice to see u after long time.

    By Blogger rachana, at 13 April, 2006  

  • gr8 points.. try ur hands as a critique... no i mean it..

    By Blogger Dh@v@!, at 13 April, 2006  

  • Well long time since i visited ur blog.... reinstalled my comp so lost all the bookmarks :)

    thnks for the wishes

    By Blogger Ankit, at 13 April, 2006  

  • This is fun with a pinch of salt. Our future, where we can reach and what could be the casualities of that. So lets peep into the future and take corrective actions before its too late.Your window is a good one.Hope our policy makers dont turn a blind eye to this.


    By Blogger anon_iitian, at 13 April, 2006  

  • @dhaval,critique?.may be one fine day!
    @ankit,welcome once again.
    @anon,w can only hope!

    By Blogger rachana, at 13 April, 2006  

  • happy baisakhi .may this festival bring many more happy moments in yourboth personal nd proffesional life.

    By Blogger nabeel, at 13 April, 2006  

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