Monday, April 03, 2006

Few days ago my friend was suffering with acute pain in her elbow.
She had to see her doctor.. Her doctor informed that it was “Tennis Elbow”.
She jumped “oh the same!! Which the great Sachin Tendulkar had!!!!
Her whole family was feeling sort of proud that she had “the most celebrated illness”…


  • to carrry the pressures he`s had to, people have looked up to him as an icon,its not easy. he started as a young kind,to grow and develop,and achieve what he`s achieved its no exaggeration to say he`s carried the hope`s of millions. indeed its a pleasure when ur friends compares herself to the great sachin, as the time goes on he will be pushed to the boundry as a twelfth man, nd then to the dressing room , then finally bi let enjoy his game , bocoz in the future india will wake up to not see the name tendulkar in the line-up.lets hold on to every moment whilst we can....

    By Blogger nabeel, at 03 April, 2006  

  • yes nabeel ,people love him like anything...

    By Blogger rachana, at 04 April, 2006  

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