Saturday, February 25, 2006

SHUT UP MIND! Let me enjoy.

Those words stuck to my mind when I heard them a few days back.
Recently there was a silver jubilee celebration of “Art of Living” in Banglore.That was the celebration of oneness of human kind. People from all over the world were gathered there and they shared their views. The most beautiful speech came from a person from Saudi Arabia. The speech was like this—
“I am Hashim. But it doesn’t matter now.
I am from Saudi Arabia. It also doesn’t matter now.
For two days I am asking this question to myself –“Why I am here?”
I have got two answers, the first one is “I don’t know” and the second more important one is “I don’t want to know”.
Shut up mind! Let me enjoy. We don’t need to find reasons to love each other.”

How true he was! In the materialistic race of need and greed we are loosing out on love and tolerance. Most of the time our mind rules our heart. There is so much within me which is trying to come out through this blog but my mind obstructing it with all sort of worries. I uttered those words to my mind. I will listen to my heart.
Here are my views on humanity, in the Indian context.
Our names may be Salim, Shyam, or the Francis,
Our Gods may be Allah, Ram or the Jesus,
We may be Mrarathis, Kashmiries or the Goans,
But one thing is common, that we all are humans.
God never made the human with grade,
All of us own only one heart and one head.
The blood in our body is only the red,
Most important things are bread, clothes and shed.
We have big giants to fight, population and poverty,
We have man made problems and natural calamity.
To overcome all that we should live with integrity,
We should follow one religion, which is humanity.


  • Beautiful thought indeed.

    It's also intelligent to follow your heart in the case of blogs. Naturally, you'd be comfortable with the things you like and thus have better command on those matters. So, write about things which really matter to you and are close to your heart. Another good thing is that only those readers will follow your blog who really like it. You need not write for some audience, they sort it out themselves.


    By Blogger Varun Singh, at 25 February, 2006  

  • Thanks Varun.I will try to be myself but its quite tough to forget about the world where you are living.

    By Blogger rachana, at 26 February, 2006  

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