Saturday, February 18, 2006


I believe "The less privileged people live their life more happily than the privileged ones".This true stoy confirms
my belief. Iwould like to share this story with you..

Some time ago I happened to visit a Ganesh temple in a village. The temple is situated near a big lake, so poor little boys happily earn some rupees by washing cars and taxies of visitors. A boy came and asked to clean our car to which we agreed. As he was cleaning the car, I just asked him whether he goes to school. He quickly answered that he goes to school and work only on Saturdays and Sundays. As I asked a few more questions, I got to know that he and his brother were orphans and lived with their grandma. He looked happy to talk about him self. After a few minutes I asked him how his mother died, and he innocently said that he didn’t know about it as he was not born at that time!! I was shell shocked and got numb by his answer. A 9/10 year boy who goes to school doesn’t know that how he came to this world? He was just happy to his life as it is! After some minutes I gathered my wits and handed him Rs. 20.I told him that Rs 10 was for his work and Rs.10 as gift from me as he studies. By that time his friend came, they had a hearty laugh and ran away for another car!!
What a celebration of life!!


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