Thursday, February 16, 2006


15 of Feb was her b’day. I want to dedicate this poem to the little one..


I am a little tiny girl,
Bright and fresh like a pearl.
I want to sing a beautiful song,
But sister says the lyric is wrong.
I like to watch the cartoon show,
But papa wants the news in a row.
Sometimes study is just enough,
But to convince mummy is very tough.
With my friend I have friendly fight,
But teacher says to be calm and quiet.
I want to do a swinging dance,
But who will give me a mere chance?
This I should do and that I should not,
Can I do once what I want!
I would like to be very frank,
I just don’t like grade and rank.
I am ready to study hard,
But I hate the report card.
I love to play the whole day,
It may be doll, ball or clay.
To growing old is no more fun,
I want to be always little one!

May God Bless You.

As birthdays have something to do with age, I have some 0bservations for the question “How old are you?”

At the age of
1)1 to 10
Only parents are eligible to answer that!

2)11 to 15
The age is written all over you body!

3)16 to 20
You are not available for the world to comment on it!

4)21 to 25
You will be more than eager to announce that at every given opportunity!
5)26 to 30
Many would be eager to know, but nobody would dare to ask you!

6)31 to 35
No one is interested in you age..

7)35 and above
Stop counting! It’s useless to count further..

All the observations are based on normal physical growth. There can be 2 exceptions
1) People with damaged luck can look older than their age.
2) Some special creation of God (Parents for that matter, keeping in mind that once I was a biology student..) can look young for ever..


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