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We live in the country where we have many poor little kids working in terrible conditions to share the responsibilities of the family and we have this ‘rich and famous” youth who have yet to grow up……

One fine day three (twenty- something) friends decided to meet our PM while they were passing by from the road near PM’s residence…they wanted to talk about a few things…just for fun..They almost gate crashed for it……
Don’t complain…. They are crazy ‘innocent’ kids…. don’t know the value of time of our PM!!

Few days ago an ‘innocent’ youth decided to have small party with friend with some white powder….another ‘innocent’ youth and his few friends got involved into all this… one fellow died….another came back after almost touching death… always the mystery of these kind of ' innocent' acts will never be solved….

An innocent young lady did some ‘innocent’act at her friend’s (male) birthday party…
But she could not tolerate the ‘innocent’ act of her friend in she went to public with all the videos to prove her ‘innocence………’
Some real “nonsense-innocence” is going on in our country..
We may see more and more of all this because today's kids are growing with fantacies of "Harry Potter"..they don't get to read the stories like "Idgah" in which little Hamid buys a "chimta" for her grandma "( so she won't have to burn her fingers any more while making chapaties ) rather than buying toy for they can learn to be sensible in atleast some matters...............


  • I remember the story of idgah. These stories were very common till last decade but were slowly removed from students curriculum.Todays kids dont know anything bout Kabuliwala and other stories from Rabindranath Tagore.Moral stories have been replaced totally by Harry Potter and Television.
    And that PM episode was really stupid....what they think,PM is some doodhwala or shopkeeper that when they have mood they can drop at his residence.
    Equally stupid were other stories.What makes me wonder is the enthusiasm and excitement with which news channels follow these events.
    They should have shown this enthusiasm In Vidarbha and other drought ridden areas....atleast farmers would have got help early and in time.

    By Blogger Abhishek Upadhyay, at 06 August, 2006  

  • True such innocent acts are never investgated in depth,it is only short period sensation.
    Everybody is convinced memory is shortlived.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 August, 2006  

  • I agree,
    there is so much of crap going on everywhere that u wonder if its all ever gonna stop!

    By Blogger Anand, at 07 August, 2006  

  • Kya likhati ho Aap, bas hil jate hain.Jo ham sochate hain wahi aap likh dalte ho.

    By Blogger Chetan, at 08 August, 2006  

  • Well said Rachna ! Totally agree with the innocence-nonsense stuff but there r other much worse thing a growing child is subjected to these days than Harry Potter.

    By Blogger Manish, at 08 August, 2006  

  • Very well put Rachana. I guess children in small towns and villages still grow up with idgah, thakur ka kuan and poos ki raat. Society in the big cities has however raced ahead and the kids there have a totally different value system.

    In India, it is not only the economic disparities that are huge; there are too many social strata as well.

    By Blogger ankan, at 09 August, 2006  

  • @ abhishek,,thanks for sharing ur views...

    @ anon and anand..thanks for coment

    @ chetan,,thanks for compliment! aur han agali bar aap jaldi se likh dalna,,jyada sochana mat!!
    @ manish,,ys there are many things..
    @ ankan,,thanks for sharing ur thoughts!!

    By Blogger rachana, at 11 August, 2006  

  • what a sarcastic post...
    can understand ur frustration buddy...

    By Blogger Dh@v@!, at 11 August, 2006  

  • I couldnt have put it across any better. U took the very words out of my mouth. :) Its strange, the kind of gaping chasms that exist between sections of the same populace - not just strange, but extremely unnerving, at times!

    By Blogger V N, at 12 August, 2006  

  • @ dhaval, the frustrating part is the 'drama' after the 'innocent act'!

    @ Velu, nice to see you here with ur views...thank you.

    By Blogger rachana, at 13 August, 2006  

  • Why the hopla ?! Consumerism and westernization are desired by ALL of us - you and me! such happenings are the byproducts of modern lifestyles.

    I am not saying dont crib or dont rectify but you sound like wanting to make the newer generations stick to conventional ways of thinking.

    Each new generation is gonna re-define its own ways didi - customs and lifestyles change over time... let them change ... some are good some are bad... good ones persist 'coz they are sustainable and bad ones either phase out on their own or rather take down the whole generation with them (and talking philosophy sometimes whole civilizations with them!)

    I guess its better to give such kids their own space to grow, explore, evolve, make mistakes and learn, etc.

    Just that instilling of moral sense shud be done in schools and home and not by judiciary using laws. Just some bare min. laws shud be there to ensure they dont hurt the society while experimenting with their lives!

    Talking of rectification, automatically brings in the concept of imposing ur own ideas of Sense & Sensibilities on young minds - which is nothing more than moral policing!

    PS: on a personal level I hate moral policing passionately enuf to even let the my generation perish (ideologically not physically!) rather than have anyone policing anyone else.

    By Blogger Ashish Gupta, at 17 August, 2006  

  • got this msg on orkut:

    Our communication - Wireless

    Our dress - Topless

    Our telephone - Cordless

    Our cooking - Fireless

    Our youth - Jobless

    Our food - Fatless

    Our labour - Effortless

    Our conduct - Worthless

    Our relation - Loveless

    Our attitude - Careless

    Our feelings - Heartless

    Our politics - Shameless

    Our education - Valueless

    Our follies - Countless

    Our arguments - Baseless

    Our boss - Brainless

    Our Job - Thankless

    By Blogger Ashish Gupta, at 17 August, 2006  

  • ashish,,, even i am against the moral is free to wear,,eat and have 'looks'as per one's liking...but in the name of 'life style" ' your generation' should not be allowed to do a mockery of the system and other section of society .
    "your generation" alone doesn't make a let us grow togethre....
    and yes the "forward" is good ..thanks for sharing!!

    By Blogger rachana, at 18 August, 2006  

  • that is wat I said didi...

    tolerance on both parts... oldies being more flexible and we younger ones being more considerate...

    and on top of that for grave things like this drug abuse case you talk of there SHOULD be a judiciary and a police ....

    i did this political, moral and social philosophy course in humanities dept. and was wondering if judiciary is not a model of implementing the moral policing of the judge! .... had a compilation of cases where the words from consitution were interpretted in multiple ways leading to either guilty or sometimes non-guilty...
    Oh but then I digress....

    anyways what all I talked about was symbiosys of some sorts and peaceful co-existence - we both have high stakes at risk -- you have ur conventions to lose and we have unknown systems coming up with no one to guide us thru' and a lot of us cannot cope up with it

    (on a side note I read some report on BBC about students not being able to cope up with pressures of today's life and the demands of parents - and even though mass killing, school firings, suicides are rare - but small small abuses and changes in lifestyles are rampant!)

    khair I believe in "to everyone their own" hence my prev. comment...

    even I am damn curious - rather than worried - about where my generation is lead to by watever values & line of thinking we hold on to....

    lets wait n watch with some appreciation and space for everyone :)

    not that it is the only option we are left with - but its the only sane and sensible path to follow :)

    and that doesn't mean frowning beneath the breath about the other generation and pretending to give them their space on the face of it ... but genuinely letting them be theirselves and giving them their own space to experience, rectify, adopt, accept and grow..........

    By Blogger Ashish Gupta, at 18 August, 2006  

  • ashish,,enough space is given to you now!!! see how much space u occupied here!!!
    now let us be happy!

    By Blogger rachana, at 19 August, 2006  

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