Saturday, March 25, 2006


Unfortunately my house is located near a flyover. I can see the “life under the flyover” quite closely.
Many poorest of poor families come there, stay and leave. Generally A family has 3 to 4 half naked children aged between 1 to 10 years. Many times my heart comes to my mouth on seeing the crying kids with bread in hand and their mother beating them..
I can never forget one scene in my life. It was raining heavily that day. I saw a teenager mom struggling to handle her new born baby with her 5/6 year old little sister. She was looking helpless with tears in her eyes. I felt for her but didn’t reacted.(Probably too much of all this made me rigid.)
I came back to my home, I was restless. I decided to help her. Next morning I went there but to no avail, she had left the place. I could not find her.
“What happened to the young mom and her sibling?” “Did she manage to save the life of new born?”
“What made me to ignore her at that moment?”
All these questions haunt me time and again! I regret that I missed the time to help her..
To be able to give birth to a child is a wonderful gift from God to females but in her case, for me, it was only a curse!
Development of a child in womb and it’s birth are complicated biological processes and yet they are so easy. There must be so many teenager girls (under flyovers, in slums, and at railway stations) who would become mothers with unnoticed rape cases..
It is said that females are gifted for motherhood. I would rather say “men are gifted more” here because they are physically strong and they can easily walk away with their momentary pleasure,, pushing the helpless female into unwanted responsibility of motherhood …..


  • *speechless*

    illiteracy+population ?

    By Blogger Ashish Gupta, at 26 March, 2006  

  • yes i think so!

    By Blogger rachana, at 27 March, 2006  

  • Hey thanks for the birthday wishes. Liked your "innocent minds..." post. Looks like life will always find new ways to be exciting with my son.

    By Blogger Rohini, at 27 March, 2006  

  • Hi Rachana,
    This is real heart touching blog. nice one. i think u have learned a lot from that incident.So be prepare for the next one because this will happen again and again,but this tine if u dont do anything then u r cruel to ur heart.

    By Blogger Chetan, at 06 April, 2006  

  • illiteracy+population ?

    + +

    caste system

    By Blogger nayamanu, at 20 April, 2006  

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