Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Innocent brains and cute logics!!

Kids have their own logics for doing or nor not doing things. Often they stump their parents by curious queries and their comments..
Once when my lit niece was coming from her school after receiving her results, her mom asked her that why she didn’t write one answer even when she knew it. She told that she deliberately did this as this time she wanted her friend to be first in the class so her mom will be happy and her friend will not get her mom’s dant(“Ek baar use bhi to first aane do usaki mummy bhi to har bar use dantati hai)..

My daughter coloured the picture of brinjal with orange crayon! I asked her doesn’t she know that the color of brinjal is violet? She told,,she v much knows that but she doesn’t like the violet colour at all so she will not be using it any day!!!..

Recently my daughter was chosen for a drawing compt. from her school. As she was chosen for 2nd level, she had to compete with students ¾ year elder to her. I decided to take her there so she can get some exposure and can learn from other student’s work. There she gave me real embarrassing moments with all her kiddy stuff…
As she came out of the hall after finishing her drawing I asked her “whose drawing u liked the most?”
She declared “mine only”!!
She had to draw a blind beggar with a child holding his hand. She drew the figures v nicely, but she draw the man with nice check shirt and brown pant and the girl holding his hand was in beautiful frock and combed hair… the reason she gave was..“I don’t like the man with patched clothes and girl with dirty frock!!”

There was an exhibition of student’s paintings that had done nicely and won some prizes in that compt.On seeing one picture she commented “ohh v bad drawing!! the ladies in the picture are v fat!!” the painting had won 2nd prize..
Then after seeing a modern art kind of painting, she declared “kuchc samaz hi nahi raha hai kya banaya hai?”
We left the place with all the applauds for my daughter’s drawing and her comments!!!

Every day at the bedtime kids (almost every) have all the questions of world for their moms..One such conv bet me(M) and my daughter(D)—

D:why papa need to go to office everyday?
M:to bring money!

D:don't we bring money from ATM???
D: Mamma when I will grow up my didi will become younger naa?? then she will call me didi!!
M:No, it’s not possible.. She born before you so you have to call her didi always..
D: That’s not fair at all.. then why didn’t you chose me as your first child???
M:mmmmmmmmm mamma is not god to know everything,,,plsss ab so jaoo!!!


  • Very true Rachna ji!
    Sometimes kids surprise us with their logics which are strange yet we are unable to defy their logic. These are the years ofinnocence, years to be enjoyed, where u need no listen to the world.
    Nice narration of your conversation with ur daughter.

    By Blogger Neelima Arora, at 15 March, 2006  

  • thanks neelima!!

    By Blogger rachana, at 16 March, 2006  

  • Curosity of kids is what makes them learn much faster than us.
    As we grow, we stop questioning, and we grow slower.
    Innocence of questions, truthfulness in there heart, if everyone of us gets that back, how beautiful this world would become.

    "If we start doing all the things that we teach our childrent to do, This world will be a different place", Some great man.

    By Blogger anon_iitian, at 16 March, 2006  

  • v true ,,we should keep the child in usalways alive..

    By Blogger rachana, at 16 March, 2006  

  • You are gonna love THIS!

    By Blogger Ashish Gupta, at 16 March, 2006  

  • hey.....i dont want to leave comments on all the posts :)

    i do want to say, however,that you blog has some awesome posts.

    By Blogger ankan, at 18 March, 2006  

  • hi ankan.. thanks v much for ur appriciation..

    By Blogger rachana, at 19 March, 2006  

  • this is one the best one of yours in the recent times .
    good job well done

    By Blogger Ankit, at 19 March, 2006  

  • so cute....

    :) kids are simply sweet and just can't say anything ...
    coochie coochie kind of
    lovely post

    By Blogger The Bhandari's, at 20 March, 2006  

  • nice blog...rachna. do visit my blog also.

    By Blogger Ankit Biswas, at 20 March, 2006  

  • cute kid :)

    By Blogger highway star, at 21 March, 2006  

  • innocence is a blessing. questions are the way to knowledge. good post.

    By Blogger Yasaswi, at 28 March, 2006  

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