Monday, March 06, 2006

“JUGAD” (A method of finishing any task by slightly deviating from the norms)

I read this word in TOI ( 1/03 “The story behind---“ on pg 16 ) . I was so happy that at least something from my native place is going national / international level, as this word (although it is much more than just a word) is commonly used there and all over MP.
It may sound ridiculous but anything as small as the no. plates on vehicles starting with “MP” makes me feel good!
Back to the point.. In India we need to do JUGAD at times. As stated in the article the launch of rocket was possible due to some jugads. A common man has many day today problems such as gas cylinder, surprisingly high elect. bill, renewing license and so many. It’s not easy to overcome these problems without the help of any jugadi.These jugadies have all the solutions for all such problems. In factories also we find such jugadies who can sort out any manufact.related problems even if they don’t own high profile degrees.
There are so many such Hindi words which are having their own place and there are no words in English which can replace them.
One day my brother was playing badminton in his society’s ground with his fellow residents. He and his opponent had an argument on one point so he said “ tappa (I don’t know eng word for this) line ke andar gira tha.” The opponent gave a smile and asked “Kanha ke ho bhai?------- ohhhh wanha ka to mai bhi hu “tappa”shabd sunate hi mai samaz gaya tha!”

My husband had a boss who had great sense of humour.His first encounter with the boss was like this—
“How many mark sheets do you have for a four year course?”
“4 sir.”

“I am having 8 for the same course! That’s why I am your boss.”

He was v keen on floating new Hindi words among his sophisticated colleagues. One such word was “saltana” (the way to finish the task v quickly with using all sort of means). The word had such an impact that within few months the south Indian big boss who struggled to speak Hindi started using “salta do”!!!

(This post is in the honour of all Uttar and Madhya bharatiya bloggers.)


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