Wednesday, March 08, 2006


There are a few successful women, whom the nation admires and there are hundreds of Indian women who deserve the appreciation on at least the ‘Women’s day’.
Here is the story of Lata bai (a bartan wali), whom I know since last sixteen years. At the age of fifteen she was married to a coolie. At the age of nineteen, she was mother of two and then her husband went mad, probably due to excessive drinking. Some time later her husband committed suicide. At that time she was four months pregnant (for a third child). At this young age and having such a terrible time, she stood firmly on her feet. She was being forced to remarry but she strongly opposed that and even refused to go to her father’s house. She worked very hard and despite being uneducated, she sent her daughter and sons to school. She is still working very hard and doing quite well. Now she owns a little house too. I admire her for her courage.
She may not be having a high profile success, but she is and should be a proud woman. Happy Women’s Day to all the Lata baies of India…
I have to mention her. The milk woman ( I don’t know her personally). I used to see her everyday on her bicycle with two big cans either side of bicycle, wearing a sari, eversmiling..Now for few months she rides on a two-wheeler… I am glad to see her success..

Boy or a girl, both are human,
What man can do, so can a woman!
Please don’t pull her back, let her fly,
She will be there, up in the sky!
Let us be her free from all the fears,
Encourage her when she is in tears!
She cooks, she cares, she plays sports too
Wonderful on earth, she can be so in space too!
She is successful in service, as she is in business,
She is as good as man, not one bit less!
She is a daughter, a wife, and a mother,
Can you imagine a world without her??


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    By Blogger Kartik Kannan, at 08 March, 2006  

  • Thanks for all the appreciation and invitation!!

    By Blogger rachana, at 08 March, 2006  

  • You are welcome Rachana

    By Blogger Kartik Kannan, at 08 March, 2006  

  • hey even though it was holi it was pretty much uneventful except listening to a few "love you"s . ... so late but still YOU MADE MY DAY!

    hats off to all you INDIAN WOMEN. I bow before thee ^:)^

    By Blogger Ashish Gupta, at 15 March, 2006  

  • Thanks Ashish,,on behalf of "all Indian women"..

    By Blogger rachana, at 16 March, 2006  

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